Zabeel House is a line of hotels situated in Dubai and London. They're seen as the accessible, trendy line of hotels that attract a younger traveller audience. They're modern, stylish and affordable, but what truly sets them apart is the fact that they're located right in the heart of their respective cities. The up and coming scene, the new museums, shopping malls, cultural centers, bars, restaurants and new developments all surround these hotels making them an ideal hub for city travellers.
Their current brand identity though does not convey the brand message, nor does it represent their consumer profile. 
We were asked to refresh the brand by creating a creative strategy, tone of voice, and visual identity that would appeal to their target in a more direct and engaging way.
We positioned Zabeel House as the gateway to the city: the hotel that wants you to go out and explore. With a tone of voice that constantly encourages you to discover, Zabeel House would become the starting point of a journey.
The dynamic nature of the brand identity reflects the youthful spirit of its guests, reminiscing about the city, the hotel, and the moments.
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