The global media landscape is changing rapidly, with news breaking everywhere, stories constantly shifting focus and location, and narratives evolving in record time. 
Viory video is a new digital video platform established in the UAE. It is dedicated to becoming the trusted source for vital news stories from the Global South region and BRICS countries, to represent their voices at an international level. 
Viory works with a network of thousands of on-the-ground video journalists, sourcing footage from the moment a story breaks, and from the most hard-to-reach areas. 
With information moving at unimaginable speed, the true story is often diluted and blurred.  And with information coming at you from different angles, it is difficult for people to keep up. 

Information in constant flux
With new digital platforms and social media, information is flowing at unimaginable speed. It is a non-stop flux of information that comes in and out from different angles. Never has it been so easy to access, or even so, to miss out on it.  And at the same time, being miss-informed has never been easier.

The identity draws inspiration from this fast paced world of content flow.  The system builds on the transitional elements that reveal the many sides the information.  Broken down from the logo, these elements serve as an analogy of the binary code behaviour, scrambling and de-scrambling into pieces of information. These same elements are used to bring the brand communication to life 

The logo is brought to life through a series of representations that hint on the different ways in which information articulates. With variations that come together serving a different purpose within the visual system.

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