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Adoption is a taboo in the Arab world. It is not talked about openly. As a company committed to helping families build a home, Homecentre believed that every kid deserves a home, including orphan kids. We were tasked to open a conversation on adoption and invite people to adopt or foster. Unseen Tears was an initiative from Homecentre the that told the stories of orphan kids through the only thing they had left – their tears. The main aim of UNSEEN TEARS was to make adoption an accepted practice in the Arab world and make it a part of regular conversation.
8 orphan children were selected and followed, through various sessions and conversations with child therapists . Their stories were revealed and at the same time, their tears were collected. 

After an 8-hour crystalisation process of the  child's tear, their topography was photographed under a microscope with a special camera. Bringing to life a personal emotion seen through topographies within the crystalized tear. Becoming a fingerprint of the childs emotion. We told the stories of these children and brought them to life across  an exhibition, a website and a book. 


Each tear’s topography revealed a different kind of emotion behind it. These photographs and the stories of the kids were put together in a collection  called UNSEEN TEARS.  8 Children, and 8 stories brought to life through a visual communication that was unique to every child. 

Drawing inspiration from the flow of tears, and the impact these tears left behind, We created a campaign identity that was true to the documented nature of the untold stories, revealing the intensity of the different emotions that led to the tears, The photographs of the tears were turned into giant posters to give people a closer and deeper look at the stories of the orphan kids. They were also turned into digital images and social media. The stories were told each in their unique way. Bringing people to a different experience with each story.

We documented the 8 stories and brought them to life through a book and an interactive website. 
We wanted to create an experience through the concept of falling tears. With the intent to make 
each story unique and allowing people to experience each story differently. 

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