An Off-line digital platform for mental wellness. 

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We live in a world of perpetual connectedness. Modern devices allow us the luxury of connecting to a world of seemingly never-ending stream of information, entertainment and stimulation. But this connectivity comes at a cost. In our “always-on” society, we are bombarded with constant emails, notifications and distractions and rarely find a moment to listen to the most important voice of all – our own.
The difficulty in breaking the boundaries between personal life and work place and the excessive use of Social Media, has made mental health a crisis within our society. The inability to truly disconnect has deepened this global phenomena to a point where mental health has become a topic of discussion and an important part in people's lives. 
The World Health Organization has already declared Burnout a global phenomena and many specialists have already addressed the issue of mobile exhaustion, depression and anxiety due to social media overload. 
Metlife Gulf wanted to be part of the conversation and make an actual  difference in this stand for mental health. Offering it's customers an experience that would help them take steps towards their well-being and create awareness at the same time 
In order to address this issue, we needed a big idea that would, not only help Metlife take an active approach to this problem, but actually make a difference in peoples lives. 
We created -SWITCH-OFF-, the first wellness platform designed with the sole purpose of giving people a moment to breathe and reconnect with themselves through specialized meditation content. 
A platform that could only be accessed by completely disconnecting your data and wi-fi
Switching off from wifi and data to disconnect mails, notifications, social media, chats, work. A space for uninterrupted meditation and self-connection. Where users were submerged in an audio-visual experience that truly allowed them to reconnect with themselves.
Within this platform, we created a series of offline-only guided meditation videos that allowed viewers to take a time off.

Videos designed specifically with the purpose of relaxation and stress releasing. And at the same time, specialized information that was key to hepling people understand the need for disconnecting.  At the same time, viewers could access specialized content from psychologists, therapists, yoga instructors, etc.. with techniques for relaxation and micro moments of disconnection.
An audio-visual experience carefully designed to reconnect with the mind and body; soothing, calming and relaxing. A journey that puts your thoughts to rest even for a brief moment.
Creating awareness through engaging communication.
It was important to draw awareness to the problem through a campaign that invited viewers to take small micro moments of relaxation. Through animated soundbites, digital banners, outdoor and B2B communication, we created a communication strategy that engaged viewers and inveted them to be part of the experience, leading them directly to the Off-line platform.
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