Spotify Premium launched in the Middle East (UAE, Saudi, Egypt) . We were challenged with creating a communication that would resonate with the Middle Eastern youth and overall target. But the task was not easy, as the region has overwhelming varieties that are first choice for most, and many are unaware of the advantages of Spotify Premium. Our objective was to bring to life a platform that was encouraging the reasons why and  encourage subscription for those that haven't and upgrades for those that are already on a basic plan. 
We created a communication platform that encouraged listeners to upgrade by personalizing the Premium Experience. With a bold invitation to Show their premium and reveal what their uniqueness is made of throughout the music they listen to. 
A reinforcement to the idea that we are unique and all have different taste in music. And an invitation to show it off.
We created a digital and social media campaign to reinforce the concept and appeal to the younger generations with a distinctive and appealing communication. We developed a visual language that was unique, bold, dynamic and colorful that spoke the social media language associated with stickers, emojis and stacks.
With a bold and colorful campaign we created a dynamic communication that resonated with our audience. With strong color combinations, stickers and animations, we expanded the Spotify universe adapting it to an audience that lives and breathes by social media content and identifies with it at a heartbeat, allowing them to be part of the experience.​​​​​​​
The UAE and the region is very active in Social Media . People praise in sharing, posting, and creating content. Making themselves different by the content they deliver. We took advantage of this by allowing people to show off their uniqueness and what makes them "premium" by sharing their taste in music. We offered them a platform where they can show their premium play list and show it off through social media.  Listeners were invited to share their playlist with the public by being part of our campaign. Showing off and taking pride in their unique taste for music.
Messaging and visual communication was crucial to get the point across in a delightful and entertaining way. 
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