Positioning a new soup brand in a highly saturated market
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The Japanese chef Sheo launched a new set of special take-away soups in NYC. Truly authentic recipes that are originally combined and made with 100% natural ingredients. 
Soups are not a novelty in NYC. It is an industry that is widely saturated and highly competitive. We needed to set them aside by positioning them in a territory of their own.
Because soups are a grab and go choice for a fast paced group of creative and independent entrepreneurs. We claimed a familiar territory for this demographics: MUSIC.
We created a series called SOUPSTARS. And every soup was it's very own music band. With a particular personality and lead stars that represent the ingredients that make each one of these soups unique
Every soup was turned into a music band and had it's own identity based on its' ingredients.
Every soup is unique. The contents are a mix of different flavours that make the soups one of a kind. So we created an identity for every soup to reflect the uniqueness of it's ingredients. We focused on six soups and added a distinctive tone and personality to each one.
We then, carefully developed a naming system that would represent the contents of each soup in a fun, clever and unique way. Drawing a parallel between music bands and it's band members that play a key role in each musical output, the same principle was used to bring these Soupstars to life. The names reflected the product and gave a little tidbit to what they were really about.
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