OOKLOK is an online and digital service booking company in Dubai aiming to make people's lives easier by connecting them with a wide range of services in one platform.
Their main users are busy tech savvy millennials with very little time for a break in their schedule. 
Our goal was to create an identity that would stand out and give OOKLOK a unique personality. An easy-going brand that builds on its mission of making life easier through a simple and smart app.
OOKLOK's main communication channel is social media. We knew the brand needed to make sense in motion. ​​​​​​​So we focused on creating a flowing and adaptable identity that would deliver the message through a fresh and entertaining platform. Engaging with its quirky tone of voice and dynamic elements that make the brand surprising and unexpected.
The Tone of Voice:
The way the brand speaks needs to be just like the product, simple and smart.With engaging quotes and quirky headlines the brand delivers its message and builds its personality. 

OOKLOK was meant as a play on the word "o'clock", illustrating how important time is. 
The playfulness of the brand starts from the naming itself.  OOKLOK has an extra O, and it is silent. Literally an unnecessary letter. So we gave it a reason to be by giving it a very important role...To help deliver the brand message. 
The O became a witty, dynamic character. Entertaining and showing the way, making the experience unique and giving the brand a distinctive personality.

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