A Platform for the 
Always-on generation

Onic is a new digital-first platform that enables you to connect that empowersmodern digital natives by providing them all their digital needs on one same place. It is one of the first tech apps under e&, created for a universal audience yet initially launched in Pakistan to cater the needs and demands of the younger audiences in the region. From connectivity, socializing, banking, discovery.

Connectivity & Flow
​​​​​​​The logo is a bold typographic treatment that mirrors the fast paced lifestyle of the always on generation. It embodies the idea of flow, of continuous motion, of path, of direction, of never standing still.  Adding strength to this concept  through a simple geometric  element created from the link between  the ’N’ and ‘I’ . Forming a free-flowing fluid connection, as a reminder of always being on the go and  always connected. Always moving forward.


Design Language
As a digital native brand that lives in the digital world, it reflects the modern, fast-paced lifestyle of the ‘always on’ generation. They are always connected, on the go, always ON.  Our design language is inspired by our everyday digital platforms where windows a stacked as placement for information revealed to us as we scroll infinitely down-up or side to side. Windows where information lives, where people and content are revealed. These very basic circles and ovals are structured to be the foundations of our digital universe. This idea served as a framework for creating a platform that spoke with a familiar language to our end users. The use of bold vibrant colour combinations helped build the brand's personality and tone to mirror our digital, always-on generation

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