Misk City
will be an entirely new district of Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh. It will play a central role in transforming Saudi Arabia in line with the principles of Vision 2030. Saudi Arabia’s young people — their talent, energy and enthusiasm will be vital in achieving and sustaining this transformation, and it will offer unparalleled opportunities for enterprising, curious, open-minded and diverse Saudis and international entrepreneurs to engage, learn, develop and grow in an ecosystem devoted to social innovation.  MiSK City’s vision is to be recognised regionally and internationally as a hub for its four pillars: Innovation, Education, Culture, Media​​​​​​​

MISK CITY will constantly reinvent itself. Everybody plays an important part in building the future, contributing in their own way to this creation. 
So we positioned M City as a springboard to shaping that future. We created a concept  that defines the brand identity:  FUTURE IN THE MAKING​​​​​​​. We started with the logo; a device that is in constant transformation. Creating spaces for content and expressions, constantly being built. like Saudi´s future. We reinforced the concept through an interactive identity in continuous flux: The brand elements work together to create a dynamic overall identity that reshapes and transforms reinforcing the idea of Future in The Making.
The visual identity had to be unique, vibrant and reflect a young spirit of transformation within Saudi´s generation.
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