Raising a long forgotten destination back up from the ashes.
Creative Strategy
Design Strategy
Brand Re-Design
Tone of voice
Digital and animation
Durrat Al Arous is a gated beach front development in Saudi Arabia's most open city, Jeddah. Since the early 90's the resort had been considered a prime destination for families and young adults seeking the sun driven adventure holidays. In the early 2000's the development dropped in popularity within the industry and has little by little turned into a forgotten destination.
Dated and forgotten, Durrat Al Arous, decided to re-open it's doors. Transforming its perception of old-fashioned Family oriented experience, to a more modern, integrated holiday spot. Targeting to a much broader, youthful audience. In order to compete with with the new generations of destinations, Durrat Al Arous had to re-strategize and overcome a mayor face-lift.​​​​​​​
We let the values of the brand take the leading role in the identity.
We created a new brand strategy and put Durrat Al Arous' brand values to the fore front as drivers of the Brand Identity. We created a new logo and brand elements that are the main communicators of the brand story, and the cornerstone by which everything came to life.
Durrat Al Arous is a place for experiences. These experiences are built by people and are represented through the brand's visual system.
It is not just a place but a recollection of experiences, made by those who live it. This is the main proposition in Durrat Al Arous new brand identity.
The different ways in which Durrat Al Arous is experienced, individually, is the key inspiration to it's visual identity; A series of iconography based on the brand values, that placed together represent the making of memories and experiences.
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