Bringing old traditions closer to newer generations.
Design Strategy
Packaging Design
Brand Design
CHASTORY is a Shanghainese teahouse that rose from the dead with a new brand refresh and change of strategy. Their goal was to target  the younger generation of fast moving, digital saavy Zens. The very same one that see tea as old fashioned and dated. The same restless generation that seeks change and pursuits international influences over the very local traditions. 
CHA (tea in chinese) is their new signature brand. And within their selection they pride in their recepies of OOLONG tea. A much more versatile and diverse set of tea that allows for a wide variety of recepies. 
They needed a new design for their in-house packaging and a visual communication to brand their most popular product and deliver their message of a young and energetic brand. 

Adding a fresh air their product presentation was key to engage their target. 
As opposed to the conservative, slow paced immersion in the tea ritual, Their goal was to make of tea a cutting edge transformative experience. Offering A more diverse mix of recipies that resonated with what this generation wants.
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