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Batelco is the biggest telecommunications company from Bahrain and the second biggest in the gulf region. At the same time, Batelco has brought to the region some of the most advanced technology in communications. They were the first to incorporate 5G in the full region of Bahrain and their network expands across multiple countries outside the gulf region. providing cable, landline, mobile, internet services, and computer networks for residential and business customers. In official parlance, they offer a “variety of ICT solutions and digital services in several categories including telecommunication, IT, financial technology, digital media, cybersecurity, and other advanced digital solutions
Government owned, Batelco is proud to always represent Bahrain and it's people. As the oldest telecommunications agency, it is also the closest to the technological, social and generational changes the country, and the region, have gone about, making it one of Bahrain's proudest and most ownable embassador.
Batelco Before

How could Batelco keep it's promise of representing a current generation that is more vibrant and dynamic?.
Due to it's main competitors; STC and SAIN, which were strong in the market as more relevant to the younger audiences, with technological and digital products that would over-ride the competition, and with their recent brand transformation which made them more approachable and relevant to the younger generation, Batelco was starting to look and feel a bit outdated and left behind. There was a need for Batelco to take the big leap and regain its position as the peoples brand...but what the people of Bahrain represented now was a complete generational turnaround. A more digital savvy, international, and open generation of consumers that were aware of trends and a digital revolution. 
How could Batelco keep it's promise of representing a generation that was more vibrant and dynamic? keeping updated with consumer trends and break the mold within their industry. At the same time, how could Batelco transform and reinvent itself to adapt to upcoming trends and social transformations?.and at the same time represent Bahrain and its people.
Transformation, Adaptability, & Youth.
Batelco's new brand transformation allowed constant reinterpretation, whilst keeping its core visual and verbal identity integrity. The brand's communication was at constant flow. With campaigns and branded communication taken out daily, we had to make the brand as versatile as it could be. The brand expression was key to injecting a more dynamic relationship with its customers and engaging to the new consumers it targets. The brand elements were expanded and drawn from its core DNA, but they were made to transform and play with the overall 
An iconic
Batelco's Logo is already an icon of Bahrain. recognizable everywhere and had become part of the people and the country as the flag itself. We saw this as an opportunity to enhance it and add relevance by making it an active part of the brand's general communication. The logo had no need to change. Instead, we gave it a boost by making it more adaptable and relevant. We gave it balance and proportion and let the logo keep on being what it is. Extracting from this key element all the other assets of the logo. Creating an overall brand system that was as recognizable as the logo itself.
An essential part of Batelco's new brand transformation is the way it speaks to the public.
The voice had to be reflected with a more humble and down-to-earth tone. One that resonates with the people and speaks with relevance. With a wide range of Batelco products, categories and areas, the flexibility in its messaging had to be reflected when promoting its' portfolio. Honesty and relevance were injected to the communication effortlessly without coming off as cliche or  patronizing.
With a great part of Batelco's communication being text driven, the visual identity had to adapt the messaging with a flexible system that could link the promise of Batelco, its' different categories, and the brands RTB's with the new visual communication. Driving consistency and diversity at the same time
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